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Queen in Deficit Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version  In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom.

Developer: BrokenTorpedo  Patreon 
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Rape, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Exhibitionism

Description Game

In this game you play as a newly crowned queen of a little kingdom, who has to pick up after her father’s untimely death. And how she found out that she could solve many of her problems sexually.​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Queen in Deficit
Download Queen in Deficit
Download Queen in Deficit

-One new mini H-Event of Blow Job, triggers with two guards in town when with low morale.
-Lewd graffiti around the city will be unlocks after certain events.
-Confessional in the church now can be used to lower one’s impurity, once a week.
-New story event that sabotages your efforts in the Barbarian Tribe.
-New H- event in the Barbarian Tribe trust earning line.
-Included the Falcon-mkxp launcher, A performance enhancement that can be used instead of the Game.exe, and hopefully any compatibility issue has been worked out.
-Adjusted how tax is calculated
-Bug fix now the in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain unlocks properly for new players.

-Repeatable H-events in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain, with the option to finish inside.
-New H-event in the barrack’s morale raising options.
-Added the last Carmelli reconstruction H-scene’s recollection version, which was left out in the last version.
-Changed the game icon.
-Added an extra control sheet in the game folder, since a lot of players didn’t know those exist.
-Other minor changes and bug fixes.

-Fixed the bug where the latest nude meeting scene won’t play properly.

-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-New H-event follow up to the nude meeting.
-Added a guide to the card game with Nighveil.
-Remade the world map.
-Other minor changes.

-Fixed the bug where the game bugs out when you visit the Duke on week 4.
-Readjust the event so all three of the Duke’s bold action events have the same chance of repeating.
-Other minor fixes

-Fixed the bug with one thug on the left side of the city that freezes the game.
This is the only notable one, others are all pretty minor.

-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-One mini H-Event against the wall, for now it only triggers with one thug on the left side of the city, and another man with blue headcloth in the slum.
-Now when making peace with Floranerica, the “Seek Alternative Method” with the Duke will lead to the Duke scenes with small dialogue variation.
-The discretion of the diplomatic options during war will work and reflect the VP you have against the opponent
-More chatting dialogue with Williamina.
-Carmelli’s broken bridge cut-scene after the first time you turned down the opportunity, will now only occurs at week 3 and 4.
-Other minor changes.

-Bug fixes:
=Fixed the bug where the tar oil scene misplays before the first arena fight.
=Fixed the bug where after winning the second arena fight the screen doesn’t fade back in.
=Fixed the bug of the tribal nude meeting event where it skips straight to the repeating version of the second one.
=Fixed the bug where in the second Barbarian cultural event, it has no effect when choosing to let Teghrian attend.
=Attempted to fix the bug where player using Joiplay on android got frozen in the barbarian route’s progression event, more of an experiment, not guaranteed to work.

-New H-event with the Barbarian cultural event chain
-New H-event of Williamina in the arena of Verrtignis.
-Simple chating option with Williamina in the Palace, though the content is still very lacking at the moment.

-Fixed the bug where the new Carmelli H-event was somehow blocked.

-New event chain triggered after the Barbarian Chief’s second scene.
-New H-event with the event chain mentioned above, trigger by talking to the Chief.
-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-Some other minor changes.
-Bug fix:
=Fixed the bug with the cold down of the locust plague.
=Fixed the bug of the Barbarian Chief’s second scene’s recollection version.

-New H-event with the Duke.
-New H-event for the Barbarian in the hostage’s resident.
-Some new random events.
-Some visual change in the main town corresponding to the statues.

-New H-event in the Carmelli reconstruction event chain.
-New H-event follow up to the nude meeting.
-Reworked the Immediate Conscription decision.
-Minor dialog update for the repeatable horseback scene.

How To Install Game Queen in Deficit

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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