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RE: Hero Academia Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version  In the game, you play as a Pro Hero, a fresh graduate from U.A.

Developer: Double-H Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Point & Click, Turn based combat, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex , School setting

Description Game

In the game, you play as a Pro Hero, a fresh graduate from U.A, who was killed in action but was saved by a mysterious Quirk and sent back in time.
Given a second chance, it’s time to hone your power, get closer to allies in order to solve the mystery of your future and try to avoid your impending doom.
You will be able to experience many lewd situations with your favorite characters along the way. Fair price for dying once, right?​

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download RE: Hero Academia
Download RE: Hero Academia
Download RE: Hero Academia

V0.21 public

  • Fix some examples where the wrong battle occurs in the training ground.
  • Tweaked UI inventory screen.


-Have deposits are not compatible. I will upload my own save file if you just want to play through new content.

  • Note: You will be asked whether you want to change your name when you first load save.
  • The new Tsuyu scene expanded on the option to squeeze it after finding him watching Midnight Masturbate. These include 4 new H scenes, and 1 mini, can be missed, H-scene. Note that you will not be able to get Tsuyu to join you on the time for the May Dungeon cave if you choose this route, and the fight there only with Ochaco in your party is more difficult because your quirk usage is even more limited.
  • This route is still not finished, so new players only have to choose it for the purpose of collection of scenes, and make save before choosing.
  • 1 mini h-scene, repeat, occurs randomly when you visit Tsuyu when he is in his room after cleaning the current extortion route. From now on, more mini scenes like this will be added with every update. They do not affect the plot. Some of them will expand into mini storylines, but generally they are just good things to find when you walk around the map.
  • 1 new scene where Jiro and Tsuyu talked to each other. You will only see this on the normal Tsuyu route, not the scoring route. More scenes like this will be added to the patch in the future. They did not have an impact on the plot, only random scenes to find and hear what other characters thought.
  • Tsuyu will now be in the park at night on Tuesday and Thursday, except for some certain scenes.
  • New characters: new OC criminals.
  • May will now offer to buy a security card from the Lab cave. Talk to him after you complete the current route to exchange the cards into money.
  • New location: Gang between comfortable shops and pubs, can only be accessed at night.
  • Changes in the new QOL: On the map and the top bar now has a button that will take you back to the MC bedroom.
  • Changes in new QOL: On the map, the training place is now the right building, as illustrated in its BG, instead of the field.
  • Also on the map, the button to access the school gate now is the school gate itself. Buttons in the school building will now immediately take you to the school hallway.
  • New telephone system, deleted the homepage screen that is excessive, and the text screen is now smoother.
  • Gallery system added. You can access it from PC MC. His appearance is still not finished, but it is functional.
  • Inventory system added. Now you can check what items you have in your inventory. Floating your mouse over they will give their description. Some items can be used directly from there (herb, chocolate, etc …)
  • Together with an inventory system, there is a new vendor system that allows you to buy and sell goods to traders.
  • There is also a storage system, accessed by a drawer in the MC room. You can save money and items there. You are advised to save excess money there for now, because there is a scene in this update, where, if you don’t fulfill the condition, you will faint and lose all the money for your people. In the future, fight with this type of result (if losing) will be added.
  • Memo notebook added. You can check your own statistics, as well as the current NPC location. There is also a reminder for each NPC that will tell you what to do next, if you are stuck.
  • New main menu.
  • Several new visual effects and increased BG.
  • fix a bug where the wrong battle occurs in the training ground.
  • fix a bug where you can’t sleep when certain events overlap (hopefully).
  • fix some small visual bugs.

How To Install Game RE: Hero Academia

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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