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Tomie Wanna Get Married Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version  Tomie is a college student who took a leave of absence from college.

Developer: Ollane Patreon
Censored: Partial
Version: 0.670
OS: Windows, Android, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Female Protagonist, Sandbox, Animated, Corruption, Prostitution, Dating Sim, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Submissive, Groping, Voyeurism, Stripping, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy, Male domination, Spanking, Anal Sex, Blackmail, Humiliation, Multiple Endings, Urination, Censored, Creampie

Description Game

Tomie is a student who takes leave from college.
He is no longer interested in learning or working with diligently,
And he wants to meet and marry a rich man who will fill his arrogance.
On the recommendation of his friend,
He joined a matchmaking company mainly used by rich people,
And he met and gave the date several rich men.
Will he succeed in meeting and marrying a really good rich, or another ending, everything is up to you.

Screenshots and Gameplay

v0.670 (2021-04-10)

(Important) Change the Quick Save point, add Save items on the block screen
The file storage path has been changed.
Existing Save stored in the individual game folder
Change Save stored in the Save Common folder.
When updating it to a new version, move the save file from the old track to the new version of the Save Folder.
No need to move the file save afterwards.
(Use the Save File Folder button in the title)

  • If the save file does not work when you load it, click the Save button and then click the Back button.
  • Inventory items can be lost from existing savings due to technical problems. Some items will be restored after a day of the game. Sorry.

(Added) laptop
Laptop items are added. It can be purchased in a shopping center ($ 2,369)
After buying a laptop in a shopping center, you can use it in homeActivity.
At present, only the content of has been added.

  • Warning * To continue with the content of,
    It takes more than 90 corruption, 3 exhibition skills.

(Added) Camgirl Content
Damaged tomie can be a camgirl.
You can find by exploring the internet 3 times with a laptop.
(There is a little penalty for every running internet roam.
You can continue only when Feromones 200 or higher.)

  • Customization of ‘Viewer Chat Dialogue’
    If you want to change the audience dialog,
    Change the contents (gamefolder) /tomiewgm_data/streamingassets/text/camshow_default.txt.


(Added) new characters, “Komrome”
Even though he was not confident, he was a man’s character with a fair personality.
This will appear as a connection event from the harassment event, and after that, you can accept the contact and connect to a special event
Including 3 types of animal scenes

(Added) ‘not bad’ personality type for hookupappp
Probability of 0% for rough scenes
pay an additional tip after having sex

(Increased) Reorganization of Harassment Events
The type of events in which a man approaches and commented on it has been reorganized.
The man approached Tomie and tried to continue to harass it.
Tomie had to choose her actions to stay away from her.
If Tomie’s determination dropped before he moved away from him, he would do something different from Tomie.


(Added) Variations of night visits
After signing a contract with variations related events (spoiler)

(Added) the event when moving to the city
An event when entering the city field has been added.
Tomie got a cat called by a man.
There are several rows of comments based on the reputation of Tomie, appearance, and conditions.
This happens with a probability of 10%, and only occurs once a day.

(Enhanced) General sex module

  • Vaginal scene parts
  • The selection function of the real scene (cum inside / pull (request))
    The probability of “pulling out” is different depending on the submission of Tomie and whether the scene is rough or not.
    However, it does not apply to special tag scenes and 3 scenes.
  • Significantly reducing the possibility of experiencing insulting events in non-rude sex.
  • Delete phrases related to S.Tight Trait (only applies to effects)
  • The event related to the hymen which was slightly corrected in a non-rough scene (simplified)

How To Install Tomie Wanna Get Married

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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