Hacker apparently had access to “Roblox” player data

According to a media report, an attacker was able to view the e-mail addresses of users of the “Roblox” game platform, which is popular with children. He didn’t need any special technical skills for his attack.

Criminal hackers don’t always need special technical skills to gain access to sensitive information. Sometimes it seems to be enough to bribe an employee for customer support. This is shown by a current security incident on the online gaming platform “Roblox” reported by the US magazine “Vice”.

A hacker was able to gain access to the system of customer support from “Roblox”. There the attacker was apparently able to view the users’ e-mail addresses, change passwords or switch off the two-factor authentication function, which was actually intended for additional security. The hacker should also have had the opportunity to ban users, i.e. to lock them out of the game mod menu.

In “Roblox”, users can build their own worlds with Lego-like building blocks and experience numerous game scenarios. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Xbox One. Just recently, the developers, in collaboration with the WHO and Lady Gaga, organized a concert on the platform with the motto “One World together at home”.

“Roblox” confirmed the security incident to “Vice” and described the attack as a social engineering attack. You can read more about such attacks here. A “Roblox” spokesman emphasized that the abuse of the platform had been stopped as soon as one heard of the incident. Only a few accounts were actually affected by the hacker attack, and they were notified immediately.

In recent years, a scene of game fans has formed on YouTube who publish videos about their adventures on the platform, some of which are viewed millions of times. The hacker has now used his access, among other things, to access the personal email address of one of the most popular players from the “Roblox” community, writes “Vice”. According to the report, he was only interested in a few accounts.

Numerous underage players

“Roblox”, which competes for time and attention with games like “Minecraft”, is particularly aimed at children and young people. According to the company, two-thirds of all children between the ages of nine and twelve in the US play the game, writes “Bloomberg”. In the corona crisis, children would even celebrate their birthday in the game, reports the US newspaper.

The developers of the game have special instructions for parents on their side posted krnl free best exploit who want to make the game safer for their children. According to the company, the game has more than 100 million monthly active users.