PUBG Update 1.55 – Patch Notes for Hardcore BR

The developers at PUBG have released the Hardcore BR update . We have the German patch notes for this patch on November 5th. The PUBG Update 1.55 can now be downloaded.

PUBG Patch Notes 1.55

Settings for Hardcore BR

  • Hardcore BR takes place in Vikendi.
  • TPP, FPP and only Squad are available.
    • Please note that the 1-man squad is deactivated on Hardcore BR. 
    • Matchmaking automatically brings you together with other players.
  • Maximum number of players: 100
    • If not enough players come together for a session, the remaining seats are filled with bots.

Rules for Hardcore BR

  • The following UI elements are deactivated in Hardcore BR:
    • Crosshair
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    • Mini map
    • Health bar, boost display and displays for weapons, equipment and vehicles
    • System notifications regarding the blue zone
    • The direction indicator at the top of the screen, often referred to as a compass
  • The following UI elements remain visible during the game:
    • Everything related to the parachute
    • Remaining players
    • DBNO / kill feeds
    • Team UI


  • LABS does not offer BP or XP as gameplay rewards.
  • LABS gameplay is not listed in the match history.
  • LABS gameplay does not count towards your Survivor Pass missions.