Top game on Google Play: Royal Free Fire review

Free Fire (2017) will appeal to everyone who loves action and battle royale games. In principle, you will not find something new here, but it will be quite possible to diversify your leisure time. But I want to start this review right away with the negative, because it (negative) made it very difficult to pass through the first introductory stages.

6 notes for the game

So, a free version is available for download on Google Play .

And then the minuses climbed:

  • Like all “free” apps, the game is crammed with ads and additional options that you can buy for real money. We can say that it is easier to list what donation does not require, than vice versa. Starting to play, the character is naked (in a material sense) and unsightly. You cannot even change its appearance, although there is an editor for this. You can only choose gender. Mod menu ps team
Top game on Google Play: Royal Free Fire review
  • Free Fire seems to be aimed exclusively at loyal fans of the battle royale genre. In another way, I simply cannot explain the lack of at least some kind of training and tips in the first minutes of the game. From the very first second, the player does not understand at all what to do, especially if he sees such games for the first time. It gets to the point of ridiculousness: you look at the initial screen saver, which needs something from you, and you do not understand exactly what it is.
  • Yes, in fairness, I will clarify that before each round there is a small location in which you can try management while the required number of users gathers. But it doesn’t clarify anything at all. There are also small tips that are extremely ineffective and more likely to distract attention during the battle. There is no understanding and explanation of what is happening and what the game tells us.
Top game on Google Play: Royal Free Fire review
  • From all of the above, one more drawback can be distinguished: if you are a beginner and have never seen or touched battle royale games with your finger, then you will have to die many times in fights to get used to the pace and understand what is happening here, what generally need to be done. And especially impressionable ones, like me, will need even more repetitions to stop shying away from the wild pace and misunderstandings with the rules that no one explained.
  • The first times you dull for a long time over every item you find and, the hour is uneven, someone faster will blow your head off. Again, there is no explanation that some items are not taken immediately or that the character has a limited number of slots and something must be thrown out before taking a new one. On the one hand, you can think of it or reach it empirically, but on the other hand, the audience circle is noticeably narrowed with this approach.
Top game on Google Play: Royal Free Fire review
  • There are flaws in the game. She, for example, can just take and fly out in the middle of a battle, sometimes earned things disappear, the promised bonuses are not given for watching ads, and stuff like that. It’s unpleasant.

What counts

Well, now to the pleasant things, which objectively have more in Free Fire than minuses:

  1. The graphics are incredibly cool! On average budget smartphones, the game never sagged or crashed. This is really impressive, especially with the abundance of detail and visible space.
  2. The ability to choose where to land initially.
  3. We are pleased with the machines that easily endure all rivals.
  4. There is a huge amount of loot in the area, i.e. trophy little things, and if you do not run into opponents ahead of time, you will meet them fully armed and with first aid kits.
  5. Additional complications are created by drones that patrol the territory and mark both the location of the player and everyone else. Of course, all players see this. So you have to hide from them too – this adds excitement.
  6. Even when losing, the character gets some equipment and experience points. And, accordingly, the game does not put a newbie into battle with seasoned gamers (which is quite logical, of course).
  7. If you don’t mind spending real money, then the possibilities of Free Fire are truly endless (this can be easily written down as a disadvantage, since a paid character will most likely easily cope with a “free” one).
  8. The opportunity to get yourself a cute pet. And this is a pretty interesting experience, I must say mod menu psteam.
Top game on Google Play: Royal Free Fire review

Overall, Free Fire is a great and fun game. But only for experienced gamers or very persistent beginners. Highly recommend even if you are not a battle royale fan. In it, you can train your reaction to unforeseen situations, and this is always useful in real life.